A year of battles and we made some gains. And yet I am awake with that a dread I know so well.

The election had put good people in office and has shown that Americans may be weaning them selves off the quick adrenaline fixes of hate and reactivity.

The novelty of being applauded for being as rude as possible may be fading and what is left is isolation and resentment.

But then again, maybe not.

Addictions are hard to break and hate sends a rush of chemicals to the brain.

Collaboration is slow, painful and requires compromise.

Policy making is thoughtful, difficult and nuanced. Implementation is full of pitfalls. Badly designed processes can destroy the effectiveness of good intended policy. In my private vote as a citizen I voted against a referendum that matches my values because my review of the policy led me to believe that it was poorly written and would have a disastrous implementation. If I was an elected official, I would fail the purity assessment.

The hate and judgment I see is multi-partisan. For me to see it in people who share my values is even worse than to see it in my opponents.

Today I want to be dancing under a bright sun but the clouds loom overhead.

But maybe, if I look very closely, I will see rays shining through the gaps in the darkest cloud.

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