Smart women know the rules are different for men.

Smart women would never tweet evidence of crimes.

Donald Trump Jr tweets pics of his correspondence with Wikileaks because crooked white men connected to Trump have an cloak of unaccountability.

Smart women know they have to work hard to get ahead.

Brett Talley in line to be the mostunqualified judge in US history.

(Of course, they do run the risk of being “too accomplished when compared to their less qualified male peers.)

Smart women know that anything in their past is open game.

But evangelical ministers and Breitbart are working hard to discredit the victims of Roy Moore.

Smart women know that there are different rules for men.

A quick comparison of the Clinton and Trump foundations. In spite of verified violations at the trump foundation and a clean record at the Clinton foundation, Sessions is contemplating investigating Hillary Clinton.

Smart women keep working for change.

Our efforts are working!We are hitting a critical mass in our culture and real lasting change is happening.

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