Finding thanks in the worst of times

For a little less than a year, I practiced daily gratitude journaling.

It was a year that the bottom had dropped out of my life and my soul was tumbling. There were days my young son’s struggles were so extreme that writing about the good events of the day seemed shallow and insincere. I could not look into his grief filled eyes and be thankful for a glorious sunset, or a delicious latte or friendship. I was sick with worry nearly every day.

In the midst of the darkest day in that period, I had no more strength to fight. I had no defense mechanisms.

All that was left was to approach my day with a deeper authenticity. I could not close off my feelings to the rest of the world. At that moment, I was able to open up with the people in my son’s team that changed the course of his life.

That night when I sat to write, my journal flowed easier as the blessing and the struggle were one in the same.

From that moment on, I have found gratitude easy. It bubbles up into my awareness whether or not I am journaling.

It took nearly a year of practicing a more superficial gratitude before I could discover thankfulness in the darkest times.

For me, gratitude journaling was transformational. I wish the same for you.

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