Week two, daily yoga

Gray Heron standing in icy water.

Week one of daily yoga was filled with discoveries.

The most surprising is that I was oblivious to the way my heavy computer bag had gotten me in the habit of lifting my shoulder ALL THE TIME! Here’s what I am doing to my body. (Not my skeleton.)

I really need to resist the urge to intensify my yoga until I heal this. Other observations.

  • Pride of my past flexibility had me over-rotating in my first week.
  • My migraines were practically nonexistent except for one stressful day that I felt too rushed for morning yoga. I managed evening yoga though I was in pain.
  • I love the way my body feels even after a short practice.
  • I started craving healthier foods.

Next week’s focus: unclenching when stressed and relaxing into symmetry. The clenching is both physical and emotional.

By focusing my attentions there during my practice I should be able to heal that shoulder.

One response to “Week two, daily yoga”

  1. I’ve observed how we women carry our shoulder bags in misalignment – good point. I am trying to be conscious of the clenching – it only adds to the pain, I find. thanks for sharing


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