Bewildered by these women today

The old men peddle shame.

How can you blame them?

Their mamas lied to them.

Their wives lied to them.

The elders let their boyhood selves stand on soapboxes while their sisters clapped.

“Sit with the men. The girls will handle dinner.” The mamas said.

The papas grinned. “You are a chip off the old block.”

It’s anatomy and all that!

It’s biochemistry!

It’s the natural order!

Who could blame the old men now?


Inspired by gender bias in politics and the daily post, bewildered

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4 thoughts on “Bewildered by these women today

    • Teresa Berkowitz February 8, 2018 / 3:25 am

      I was trying to understand some people I know who admired that trump has a hot younger wife (their words), thought Hillary was too shrill and demanding, expected professional women to let them credit for their accomplishments, etc and spoke wistfully of the good old days.

      I think I am more bewildered than that are!

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      • V.J. Knutson February 8, 2018 / 3:28 am

        Ha ha – I’m with you on that one. You made me think of the man my mother married in her 80’s – he was crude, inappropriate and a layabout. I couldn’t understand what she saw in him, and when I confronted him about his lecherous behaviour in front of her, she said: “Oh that’s just our generation.”


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