Hoping publishing will alway make my heart sing!

I just had a new work accepted in an anthology. My heart skipped a beat when I found out. This is my second piece that will be published.

I am a long way from being jaded or bored with people reading my work. I can barely contain my eagerness when I ask family, friends and other writers to give me their feedback.

“Have you read it yet?” I text with the persistence of a child on a long ride who wants to know are we there yet.

I hope two things: that I keep publishing and that I feel a thrill every time. I will write more about the new piece as more information on the anthology becomes available but this has me thinking about the first story I ever published.

In April of 2018, my short story, The Closing, was published by The Esthetic Apostle. It’s a lovely publication featuring poetry, prose, artwork and photography. They were a new publication when I sent them my work.

Cover photo of esthetic apostle magazine.

Last night, I spent some quiet hours surfing around past issue reading poetry and prose and loving the artwork and photographs.

Their archive is worth exploring.

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