Building Community!

I love the wordpress community! Such great writing and encouraging words. I’ve also been working in building community in other platforms.

There’s a growing community of writers on Twitter. Common hashtags include #Writing, #WritingCommunity #WritersLift #AmWriting. If you are on twitter, I would love to connect! My twitter handle is @teresaberkowitz

Because I am also looking for writers for I also spend a lot of time reading short stories and poetry. Each night, I highlight one author, story and publication that I have come across in my daily travels. I post that under the #BedTimeReading.

Here’s tonight’s post:

3 responses to “Building Community!”

  1. The Twitter community is a great place to stretch our skills.


    1. I have been discovering lots of great writers through the #writerslift. Are you connecting with readers and writers on other platforms?

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      1. Here, Twitter, and Instagram. It keeps me busy, lol. Oh, and I’ve recently been invited to a writing circle which I’m excited about.


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