Instagram writing community

I’m not a big Instagram user (yet) but I have been hearing about the writing community on Instagram so I decided to give it a try. Part of the reason is that I am committed to increasing the visibility of writers on Tangled Locks Journal and part is because I have a deep love for graphic design.

So I took a climate change essay I wrote and made an Instagram deck. I’ve pasted the images from the deck below.

I feel like the images brought that essay to life. This essay was a deeply personal perspective on #climatechange that haunts me. It was a finalist in this years 350 Madison essay competition and was written so quickly that I didn’t have a copy when it was selected. I wrote it into the submission form. But really, I had been a writing in my head on every walk and every storm.

I took most of the photos myself over the course of a couple of years. When designing the piece, I cropped the photos to make the water take up at least two thirds of the images to add tension to the images.

We have a few weeks left for submissions for our first issue. The response has exceeded my expectations. I am honored.

I would love to hear if you are on Instagram. If you are, I would love to follow you!

One response to “Instagram writing community”

  1. I’m on instagram @1womansquest. I’ll look for you.


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