Spring update

I’ve been so busy with Tangled Locks Journal. We just published our spring issue and we are already reading submissions for three projects. We are also offering services to writers to help them meet their goals. We are providing developmental feedback for works in process, editing, website development and social medial marketing planning. It’s been exciting to partner with so many writers.

I have also been investing in the craft of writing. For me, learning is a lifelong pursuit. I feel blessed to have found programs that feed my desire to learn. My favorite is Ariel Gore’s literary kitchen creates a space where you can strengthen your individual voice and tell your unique stories.

The thread that ties all of this together is building community. For me, writing is solitary but I thrive in community. So I continue to reach out, connect and partner. Twitter is my main platform but I also use Instagram and Facebook. I’m experimenting with ways to use these platforms to connect with more people. If you are on Twitter, please connect with me at @teresaberkowitz.

Happy spring. Happy writing!

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