Reflections and New Directions

My winter solstice habit! Reflection and Intention. Here’s what we have planned for Tangled Locks Journal in 2023.

Tangled Locks Journal

Are you one of those people that see the shortened days as a reason to reflect on the year and identify ways to want to grow? I don’t mean resolutions which are too easily broken. I mean intentions.

I am and I’ve been thinking about what we do well here and how we want to grow.

I love that we work closely with writers and we stay in touch. Some of the writers end up working with me on developmental editing or increasing the visibility of their work. I am so grateful for these partnerships. I am going to introduce monthly tips. If you subscribe to Tangled Locks Journal, you will get notifications when new posts are published.

I love that we are very focused on visuals, in 2022 I am going to explore ways to get calls for submissions out to artists. If you are an artist and want…

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