New Abortion Stories

We are closing out the year with two new abortion essays on Tangled Locks Journal. This feature will be continued in 2023. You read these essays atTangled Locks Journal and find out how to submit your own.

Tangled Locks Journal

The important work of authentic stories.

I wish I were writing an uplifting review of the year. Sure, there were many bright spots, but the truth is, America and the world became more dangerous for many people. The culture of contempt has remained firmly in place. Dehumanizing and denigrating others is so commonplace that it does not seem unusual, especially if it leads to personal and political gain.

For me, the defining moment of 2022 will always be when Roe V Wade was overturned. As far as I am concerned, even in the blue states, the ability to control one’s very own body is no longer a right; it’s a privilege that can be taken away at the whim of a government that favors white cis male dominance.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a blue state, you may be insulated from the devastating effects. This is an…

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