February 2023 MoonBite: My Journey

New work on Tangled Locks Journal.

Tangled Locks Journal

My Journey


Confined within
the cocoon of suppression,
I dreamt of the unknown ocean.

Cracking the shell of suppression,
I stretched my arms
and embraced a new dawn.

I shed dead silence
to kiss the life of expression;
I began my journey towards the ocean.

I plunged into strange waters
and dared the tempestuous ocean.
Without knowing how to swim,
I struggled to own my own expression.

I was submerged
by dangerous raging waves.

In desperation,
I tried to beat monstrous tides
I kept on changing strategic strokes,
Gradually I could raise my head
above water to breathe,
to exist
and to be visible.

Clutching at straws of perseverance,
I grappled with troubling waters,
I rose and fell
with aggressive tides of time,
I gasped for existence


I eventually began to swim
by trial and error.

I metamorphosed like a butterfly.

This is how I…

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