A year ago

A year ago, I considered myself an engaged citizen.

I voted! Almost every election!
(except those little ones that almost no one really cares about.)
I donated.
(Occasionally. Mostly old clothes.)
I spoke my mind.
(Except when I was worried about offending someone with my liberal views or I was afraid of being shamed, attacked or called ugly names on social media.)
A year ago, I cuddled under the warm protective covers of Pant Suit Nation where I shared my views with like minded people.
A year ago, I believed that sexism had been defeated. Funny how I didn’t notice that I was sheltering myself from the very forces that I had imagined vanquished.

Today, I donate to candidates, ACLU, Planned Parenthood.
Today, I speak my mind in the open, never hiding behind anonymous profiles.
Today, I amplify the voices of women and men fighting to defeat bigotry and hate.
Today, I vote in every election because the school board is the nursery for the next group of political leaders and I want to know who is growing and developing.

Next year, I will look at this year and see a stronger voice with a deeper impact.

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