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What should writers do during the Twitter apocalypse?

I’ve been putting myself through the wringer so you won’t have to! If you are a member of Twitter’s #writingcommunity, you already know that it has been a wonderful platform to connect with writers, agents, and publishers of literary journals. I’ve been testing the other platforms and so far, there isn’t one that lives up […]

New short story published by Soft Star Magazine

I am honored to be have my speculative fiction piece published in soft star magazine. I’ve been following them right from the beginning and love the way I get thoughtful and creative things to read every couple of days. This piece is different than my typical narratives. It’s non-linear speculative fiction. Hope you enjoy! #writers […]

Billionaires ruin everything.

Don’t you hate it when you have a vibrant #WritingCommunity on social media and some bored narcissistic billionaire decides he wants to buy it? Then he tweets pictures of Nazis and far-right propaganda, reinstates people threatening Jewish people, reinstates troll accounts with names similar to FelineBowelMovement, bans liberal accounts for mocking him, lays off tons […]


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