No Joke, Ivanka.

Photo credit; MANISH SWARUP, AP

“I have seen firsthand that all too often, women must do more than their male counterparts to prove themselves at work.” – Ivanka Trump

At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India, Ivanka acknowledged (lamented) that women often have to work twice as hard to get the same things.

No joke.

No joke.

I want to type no joke down the page for the rest of the morning.

No joke.

In case you are wondering no joke is how my fingers are translating the curse words filtering through my brain.

The problem is Ivanka has often used the hardships of sexism to elevate her own struggle and connect with the less privileged among us. It’s good for her brand.

Wait. Did I type struggle?



Fingers resisted the urge to put quotes around the word struggle.

No joke.

There I go again. I’m glad my fingers are good at censoring.

Yes. Ivanka. We know.

We are underrepresented in government and leadership positions.

We make less money. Current research projects that we we reach pay equity in 2119. Just in case you think i made a typo, the projection is not two years but one hundred and two years.

Our sports achievements are diminished and under compensated.

The most person for the presidency was over prepared, too experienced, too good at debates to be relatable.

No joke, Ivanka.

No joke.