A confession

Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been many seasons since my last confession.

Father, I was drawn to the world of reality tv. At first, it seemed so modern and fresh.

I laughed in shock as women with sculpted faces in expensive clothes screamed obscenities at each other and flipped tables. And broken glasses of Pinot Grigio sparkled like the diamonds on their fingers.

I tuned in with anticipation as helicopters and private jets delivered finalists to studios filled with props that branded showmen as adventurers and successful billionaires.

I smugly thought it could do no harm as I watched the aw-shucks shenanigans of quiverful families promoting “god” sanctioned female subservience.

Like the viewers who joined me, my attention fed narcissism, discord, avarice, isolation and hate.

For these and all my media sins, I am truly sorry.

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